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Poster: aronsson Date: Jan 27, 2005 5:16pm
Forum: toronto Subject: Re: scanner credit?

I'm looking forward to our cooperation. As for openness: In August 2004 I wrote a message on the Million Books discussion (Subject: German texts), and it took until December before someone (you, actually) answered. In those three months I didn't know if the project was dead, if you were busy doing other things, or if nobody wanted to communicate with me. According to other messages in that forum, other people had the same impression. I'm glad that this has changed, and hope you and Parker will continue to be around. You are doing many exciting things here, but I also see a lot of room for improvement. I have a lot of experience in receiving (harsh and undue) criticism, so I'll try my best to be constructive. <BR> <BR>I'm running Project Runeberg ( with Scandinavian e-texts since 1992 and digital facsimiles since 1998 with just a handful of unpaid core volunteers, so 20 people is a huge organization to me. You are free to reuse our contents, which is in the public domain. We don't claim or reserve any rights to the digitization. (However, we don't want the name "Project Runeberg" to be reused by others.) At the very bottom of the title page for each of our books there is a "download" link that helps you retrieve a ZIP archive of 600dpi TIFF G4 images. Today this ZIP archive doesn't contain any OCR text or metadata, but we should improve this in the future. <BR> <BR>Places that I hang around include the Web4lib, Bookpeople, and Diglib mailing lists, and the D-Lib Magazine website.